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A short introduction

The district town of Neustadt, the town of lead crystal, is situated at the entrance to the nature reserve of Oberpfälzer Wald, right in the middle of a charming hilly landscape.
The uniquely well-preserved medieval downtown, with its colorful gable facades classified as a historic monument, seems to be pressed on a rocky ridge that falls away steeply down to the Waldnaab river and the Floss. A walk around through the almost 800-year-old former residential town of the Princes of Lobkowitz is worthwhile in any aspect. The oval-shaped plaza, which resembles a castle of houses, offers a lot of beautiful sights, beginning with the unforgettable view of the gallery of pointed gables, which form a charming assembly, to the most outstanding buildings at the plaza, the palaces of the Princes of Lobkowitz, the so-called "New Palace" built in the style of the Renaissance with marvelous frescos on the ceilings inside, and the "Old Palace" nearby.

In direct visual connection but at the other end of the plaza there is the townhall. Another landmark of the town in the south-western corner is the Roman Catholic parish church St. George. It used to be the private church of the Earls of Lobkowitz and temporarily also served as a crypt to that noble family. The picture of St. George above the main altar as well as the crucifixion were created by the native painter Thaddäus Rabusky. The architecture is called a transition from of the later Regence
style to early Rococo.

Leaving the town center the visitor will encounter a number of sights, like the fountain of the Princes (Fürstenbrunnen) in the Felix Forest, the" Picture Chapel" (Bildkapelle), the fountain of St. Felix (Felixbrünnlein) half way through a chestnut avenue up to the crowning end, the pilgrimage church of St.Felix. Baroque forms and symbols were put into pictures in this church, which integrates topographically with the idyllic landscape of Oberpfalz.
Neustadt a.d Waldnaab is 420 meters above sea level, measures 10 square kilometers, counts 6200 residents and lies at the junction of freeway A 93 Regensburg – Hof and at the Ostmark-straße.
Excellent experts in manufacturing and refining guarantee top quality of lead crystal production.

There are inexpensive shopping facilities in glass stores and factory outlets.

Beside lead crystal, there is sufficient ordinary trade and commerce too. Banks and local authorities also provide jobs. The infra-structure is fully developed as regards water supply, sewers, and roads.

Around 60 fraternities and clubs enrich the social and cultural life of the town and there is a wide range of leisure facilities. Thus in 1987 a recreation center was built with playgrounds for toddlers and kids and a playing-field for any kind of outdoor activity, next to a modern camping-site.
In June 1999 the multi-purpose hall with large rooms generously designed for events, with a terrace and a restaurant was inaugurated in the „Hofgarten". The music school for 700 students, as well as the library, equipped with the most up-to-date media, are put up in here too.

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