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The camping-site and the recreation center of Neustadt

When you drive out of the town up north the B15, the road will split up into one to Flossenbürg to the right, and one to the left to Hof and Tirschenreuth. Take the Tirschenreuth road but turn left again after less than 100 meters into Gramaustrasse. Follow the international pictograms that direct you to a camping-and caravan- site and the road signs with the inscription „Freizeit Anlage, Campingplatz".

The Neustadt recreation area with a camping-site was built in 1987 and amplified as early as 1993.
Here you can spend hours of leisure, can keep an eye on your kids and enjoy a hearty meal in the beergarden, feel well with coffee and cake, and forget your troubles and sorrows that are on your mind.
There are 40 parking-lots for caravans or mobile homes with a size of 80 square meters each and most modern installations with power and drinking water supply, of course. They provide anything the heart of a camper desires.

Travelers by mobile homes can spend the nights on special parking-lots and can refill or dispose of their vehicle tanks.
The sanitary facilities of the site are up to modern standards. There is a gutter for sewage and chemical toilets, 14 washbasins, 4 showers, 10 WCs, washing machine, drier, sink for dishwashing, and cooking facility. Moreover, a lounge can be used too.
A special section was created for young campers, where they can put up their tents undisturbed.

The existing fireplaces can conjure up the romantic atmosphere at night that so many people yearn for. In the wide area there are some more barbecue facilities that can be used after reservation. To bring your own barbecue paraphernalia, to have a beer that was cooled in the river, to relax on the meadow, and just forget the world around you - that is still possible in he Neustadt recreation center. Various facilities like a wading pool for toddlers close to a harmless small slide, a volleyball field with a net, facilities to play basketball and many other ball games, ban boredom. The nearby river of course invites rafts (inflatable boats) and kayaks.
Waldnaab Camping Neustadt
92660 Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab

Tel. 09602/3608, Fax 9434-66
Für Dauercamper stehen noch Stellplätze zur Verfügung.
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  • bis 3 Jahre:  frei
  • 4 - 14 Jahre:  2,00 €
  • über 14 Jahre  3,00 €
  • Stellplatz/Nacht:  4,00 €
  • Hund/Nacht:  1,50 €
  • Strom:  0,45 € p. KWh
  • Stromanschlussgebühr:  1,00 €
  • Warmdusche  0,50 €

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